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Green Square


Kelowna, BC

Currently under construction 

Expanding on the highly successful townhouses of Phase 1, Green Square Vert, as its name suggests, distributes vertical density across four condominiums as a transition from its 2-storey predecessor. The development forms a central green space, accompanied by a building on each corner of the resultant square. This introspective approach provides both an intimate and environmentally conscious answer to urban sprawl, balancing building area with outdoor amenities. The partially buried parking is masked by ground-oriented townhomes and wood-slatted screening, offering warm tonal qualities adjacent the pedestrian amenities. The floors above utilize corner balconies placed at 45-degree angles; opposing the rectilinear nature of typical condominiums; offering optimal sightlines, unique aesthetics and added privacy between dwellings. Ancillary to these features are vibrant and contrasting material palettes which provide identity and are complimentary to the Green Square brand.  

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