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CML Properties


Kamloops, BC

Completed in 2016

5,900 sqft

CML Properties had four tenant spaces in the building and chose to move their head office there, as it was more accessible from the parking area. The middle section of the building is the oldest, both the north and the south sections had been added on over the years. CML Properties required the entire floor area to accommodate staff. Demising walls were removed and washrooms were relocated to conform to the programming requirements. Reception, boardroom, accounting area, executive offices, open workstations and staff room were required. HVAC system was upgraded. Building facade was upgraded with brick veneer, wall sconces, canopies and a built-up cornice at the roof parapet. Steel and glass canopy and a back-lit sign. Some offices incorporate floor-to-ceiling aluminum framed glazing, which opens up the interior corridors and allows more daylight to enter. The north and south section floor levels are lower than the middle section. A chair lift was installed to allow circulation from the reception area, allowing for more ideal accessibility. 

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